Sunday, August 16, 2009

For A Moment

I love the feeling of hands closing tightly around my throat.
The sensations that fill my body as strong fingers dig into my flesh.
The dark haze closes around me, filling my vision with blackness.
Fear catches in my throat, freezing the moment.
I am suspended in time, if only for a moment.


Luna Mauvaise said...

Ahh, yes...but what a moment it is.

Gray said...

Mmmm yes! I love that feeling. Lovely piece, very moving. And I love the new look of the blog!

rage said...

Very hot picture.

MKL said...

Is this the verge of madness?

finbar said...

river girl, there is something magical and dark about breath play. it is one of the kinks that i truly love doing. i have even written about it.

just a short quote from it, i hope you don't mind.

"i hold you wrapped in
the garrote of my hands,
I hold you captive in the
cage of my fingers.

desperate, you tug and pull,
struggling in your flight,
the darkness of my practiced hands
suffocate you into bliss"


Sexy PTA Mom said...

I have never been the one to choke, and I understand why it makes my husband a bit nervous, but it is such a dizzying, pleasurable sensation being on the receiving end! And that photo is very nice!

Angel said...

What a breath-taking blog entry.


Curvaceous Dee said...

I totally identify with this. Hot, terrifying, and time-stopping :)

xx Dee

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