Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Renewed Hunger

The only brightness comes from dreams, both waking and sleep.. How I long to be swept away in those dreams. I close my eyes and feel foretold promises on my skin, my body springing to life from nothing more than an image in my mind. A long ago dream, held just on the edge of reality.

I do love the alcohol induced cravings that find you selfish and sadistic. It brings my mind alive with fire, thinking of you taking out such wants on my body. Knowing that your selfishness will only fulfill my own wants. I close my eyes and feel the fierceness in your desire, hear the growls as they escape from your beautiful throat, knowing that I am at your mercy and nothing could excite me more.

You have always had a way of getting me twisted and forgetting everything else, even here and now, the rest of the world around me seems non-existent. Nothing more than your fingers tearing into my skin, your teeth clenching down onto my swollen nipples. The thought alone makes me want to scream out...My body begins to thrash, craving your touch, your voice.

Your power over me is evident, with the wetness I find between my legs. Your name drips from my lips, craving your ravenous touch. My body yearns to unleash frustrations that only grow stronger with each passing fantasy.

I now feed from these images, created in my mind. Each day brings a renewed hunger, an Appetite for Destruction. Compelling me to jump on a Nightrain and leave this all behind. Oh yes, I am ready to crash and burn.


Gray said...

Mmmm oh to crash and burn. You have such a way with words, so raw.

Thank you for your comment, you are an inspiration every time I come here. ;)

Sexy PTA Mom said...

Yes, very raw indeed! I love the submissive feel, but also just the eroticism of your mind and its creations.

Luna Mauvaise said...

Ummmm...it's sooo easy. ;)

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