Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Undiscovered Dominance

You know the type, reserved, bashful, simple, and completely vanilla, a man that does not have a dominant bone throughout their entire body. The kind of person who is completely content to go through life with everything unchanged, no variety in anything, including sex.

You can look into their eyes and see the simplicity of their life, no flicker, and no fire. This type of man has good qualities; he is loyal, sympathetic, helpful and very easy to please.

They are content to go through life without ever feeling the electricity flow through their veins. I, however, am not that kind of person I am the exact opposite. When I first met and married this type, I had not learned of the darkness, I possess inside. Or I had not yet accepted it. Therefore, I naively thought this would sustain me for the rest of my days. Once again, I was wrong……. Or was I?


It was to my surprise, when the first slap of the paddle connected with my unsuspecting ass. I jerked upright, in complete surprise before I realized what was happening. This was supposed to be an innocent back rub. When had it occurred to him that my naked ass might be in need of some fire?


The sounds echoed in my head. I was completely confused by what was happening. Was I dreaming? If so, I did not want to wake and ruin this pleasure.

The first slaps of his paddle came without warning, landing perfectly on the bottom side of my ass, my favorite place in that region of my body.

“You like that, don’t you slut?” He asked me, as I grunted out something that sounded like a yes, Sir..

” Move that ass, let me see it dance” cried my tormentor, who most certainly could not be my husband, and without thought or will, I obeyed, overcome by the force of the command. The paddle slapping first the left and then the right side of my ass.

I was lost as I had never been lost. My only thoughts were of my burning welts and swelling flesh. I had no time to question what had brought this on, what had made the change in happen. The smacks were still thundering down upon me, now with more violence. Nothing had ever drenched my soul so; nothing had ever seared me and emptied me as this was doing. There were fresh tears welling up in my eyes, my own frantic breath and sobs filled my ears.

I could not believe what was happening, how long had I begged him? And now, out of the blue, without any warning, he was giving me everything I had asked for.. Would he make me regret it? That remained to be seen!

“Slut, why is your face tear streaked? This is what YOU asked for, this is what YOU deserve, wanton little fuck slut” The sound of his voice sounded foreign to me. I was amazed, never had he spoken this to me quite this way, quite this coldly and simply. Yet it seemed to have behind it some practicality that almost made me smile. I had never known him to be a sadist yet, the hard rod of his cock told me otherwise.

“Kneel up” he commanded me as he grabbed a hold of my hair; he wrapped it in a circle around his hand. I obeyed without a moments hesitation.

Right before me, within inches of my mouth, was his throbbing cock…so hard, so beautiful. He pushed it closer to me and I did not have to wait for his command, I knew what he wanted. Slowly, I began with his balls, licking them. Starting underneath and slowly lapping my tongue upwards toward the base of his cock, one then the other before sucking them into my mouth and rolling them around, trying to savor the moment. With his hands still wrapped in my hair he began pulling my head upwards, so that I may draw his long rod into my mouth. Slowly, I began teasing his beautiful cock, licking around the head, I took the cock into my mouth and pulled hard on it, a little startled by its thickness.

I could hear his impatience getting stronger and in that moment, he tightened his grip on my hair and shoved my face further onto his cock. I could feel my throat stretching, trying to accommodate his penetration, my mouth producing more saliva to make this possible. He had begun pumping my face with his cock, not allowing me to have control of anything. He treated it as nothing more than an orifice for his pleasure. I could not have been any happier, than I was at this moment.

He continued fucking my face with no regard to the tears streaming down the side of my face. I knew that at any moment, my mouth would be filled with that hot, salty seed. I could taste this already and feel his cock starting to pulse inside my mouth. I wanted to taste him, feel that overwhelming surge in my mouth. Yet at the same time, my pussy craved to feel his hardness. But, I knew that it was already to late to stop what was happening. I tightened my lips around his cock, and tried to relax my throat enough for him to penetrate it deeper.

Without a word, he shifted his position so his cock was hitting me more in the top of my throat and released his desire. I was gasping and gulping trying not to lose even a drop, when my neck snapped backwards and white, hot, stinging pain exploded in my face. I had been completely knocked backwards off my knees, my legs flaying and my lips trying to form the question of why.

As if reading my mind, he spat, “Because I wanted to and because you are a fucking whore who deserved it.” I was completely speechless and could give no response, what he said is true. What he did not know was that I desperately longed to be only his whore and if he would only continue with this treatment, I would not ever desire for anyone or anything more.

My lips curved into a smile, before I could even think about it. “You think this is funny, Are you laughing at me?” he questioned. “No, I would never. I am smiling because I am happy.” I responded to him. “Well let’s see just how happy you are to sleep with that dripping whore cunt left unfed.” With that, he turned on his heel and headed towards the bedroom, leaving me sitting alone, starting in amazement. What had just happened?

I tried to compose myself and follow him into the bedroom, still unsure of what was going on. I opened the door to the dark room and made my silent descent into the unknown, when I felt something behind me, grabbing me, pushing me forward. In my head, I knew that it was him, but there was still that small hint of doubt that was creeping into my mind. After everything that had already happened tonight, I was not sure of anything, anymore.

One hand had wrapped into my hair and the other came around to the front of my neck, against my throat. He was firmly applying pressure; cutting off my air supply and my mind began to go wild.

I felt myself involuntarily fighting against his strong hands. I tried to scream and nothing came out of my mouth. I fought against him until I was exhausted and then relaxed my body and gave into him. My vision was flooded with swimming circles of color and my skin had a tingling sensation that coursed through my entire body.

When I was finally able to understand what was happening around me, I found myself being bound, with my legs spread further apart than seemed possible and my arms stretched above me to the four corners of the bed. A pillow had been placed under me, raising my body, specifically my cunt higher into the air.

He kneeled in front of me on the bed, his hands already prying my pussy open. There was no ease or waiting for me to become comfortable. He alternated his hands, sometimes using both to manipulate my pussy. His eyes had a sense of malice glimmering behind them. For the first time in my marriage, I was afraid of what he could do. For the first time, I did not know what he would do, and that scared me.

He reached under the bed and pulled out two of my glass dildo’s. It was cold and smooth as it was pushed deeply inside me. I gave a short, desperate imploring cry as I felt the unnatural object slide into me. It found no resistance and with hard slapping thrusts, I felt it jab deeper and deeper inside of me.

Just before I exploded, he stopped and I noticed him pull out a bottle of what must be some sort of lubricant. I felt the cold substance being applied around and into my ass, rubbed deep and thick. He worked his fingers into me, while the glass cock was still firmly held in my cunt. He then withdrew his fingers a picked up the other glass dildo, a bit smaller than the first, but with ribbons that wrapped around it, partly decoration, partly for pleasure.

I began whimpering and shaking my head, imploring him, begging him not to do this to me. I have never allowed him to enter me this way and was terrified of doing so. My cries went unanswered as he silently eased the glass inside of me. He began working my pussy with the other hand to distract me from what he was doing to my ass.

I lost myself in the pleasure I was receiving and gave up trying to resist him. Soon, I found myself writhing in pleasure, unconcerned with anything else.

My hips rose uncontrollably to accept the trusting of the two glass cocks. Just when I could take no more and my release was inevitable, he withdrew both sharply and suddenly.

With protest on my lips, I began to beg, but before the words escaped my mouth, his cock was savagely impaling me. Violently, without regard, he fucked my pussy until my juices were squirting out of me and at the same time, his body began to shake. I felt him burst inside of me and the both of us drenched in our own juices lay there… smiling…


Gray said...

Oh my god. That was hot.

*goes for a second read through*

Gray said...

Hope you don't mind, I posted a link to this. I love your writing! :)

Luna Mauvaise said...

Well butter my butt and call me a biscuit. You can teach an old dog new tricks. ;)

You totally deserved that spanking. Congrats on finally getting it.

Petal said...

OMG... That is incredibly hot post and extraordinarily well written!

Playfully Yours said...

Damn, HOT!!!

Your writing was great. I will return.

finbar said...

very erotic, and it seems that you have found the darkness in him.
no one ever really knows what darkness lies in our hearts, until it is released.

Sexy PTA Mom said...

Oooh! I sooo hope this is true!! Either way, it is amazingly erotic and well-written.

Anonymous said...

Woah . . . this was, uh . . . well, at first I thought she/you/whomever was getting raped. But then it turned into pleasure, and I was a bit confused as to whether or not the woman was in pain and wanted him to stop, or whatnot.

It was still enticing, still amazingly hot, still sexy. Just a bit confusing in the beginning, is all.

mouse said...

*fans self and looks for Master*
*right after i read this again*


Nancy said...

Oh. wonderfully hot.. and I hope for your sakes it was reality~

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