Monday, August 17, 2009

Illusion of a Season

Never spoken to a woman like this before, huh?

Honestly, knowing you haven’t spoken to other women like this excites me.. makes me squirm, knowing that I can surely make a lasting impression on you.. knowing that when you close your eyes and reach between your legs, it will be my face you see, my touch you feel, my words that guide you as you slide your fingers into that wet snatch. It will be my instructions that created the ever present wetness that carries you throughout the day. Can’t you just imagine.. my voice whispering in your ear.. feeling my hot breath so close to your skin that it causes you to shiver..

In an effort to create an obvious physical reaction in you, I have created one in myself.. FUCK.. here I go again.. down the rabbit hole, chasing an illusion. Wanting that interaction with another, who dreams like me.. One who is erotic, insatiable, uninhibited, curious, and has no problems with sex and all of the implications that it holds..

Is it so wrong, to find yourself comforted by another illusionist? Another seeking the pleasures derived from images created from black ink and endless imaginations.. Some might think so, but I will never understand..

A feast it will be.. Hungry mouths seeking out pleasure found only in the body of the beautiful figure laying before them.. Ravenous fingers that dig into the flesh of wanting need.. Will you offer yourself up to the beast within? Or will you demand that I be the offering?


Sexy PTA Mom said...

Oh, mmmmmm! You make me want to find just a bit of dominance in myself. To take some control. I love hearing the fantasy from your perspective.

Luna Mauvaise said...


Well written spell, illusionist.

Playfully Yours said...

Very sensual and deeply erotic. I love sharing the part of myself with someone who feels it as deep as I do.

Gray said...

Oh how I love seeking pleasures from endless imaginations, nothing wrong with that at all!

Very well written.

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