Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Who are you?

The air fell silent as she turned on her heel and disappeared as quickly as she had arrived. I was left there, visibly shaken by her assault on me. My mouth agape with the unanswered question still on my lips.

What had just happened to me, I wondered. Who was this dark hair beauty that had just come into my life and would she return? Was it real or just a dream, I had to reach down and feel the wetness between my legs, for undeniable verification.

With my head still spinning, I tried to compose myself and walk back into the gathering. My legs did not seem to want to co-operate and I am certain that anyone who cast their gaze upon me, knew what had just happened. I could feel my cheeks burn crimson at the thought of this..

I was experiencing conflicting feelings, should I just enjoy the memories of what she has given me, or should I try to seek her out. I have to know this luscious raven gift, who has left me wanton and searching.

Soon, I would have my answers.. sooner than I anticipated.

I saw her, as I walked out the door, sitting in front of the garden, on a concrete slab. "Who are you?" I asked as I approached. She only shook her head, as he held out her hand. "That is not important" she responded as her mouth overtook mine.

Again, she had me spinning.

My mind aglow with the possibilities, my body yearning for a taste. How I craved the implications.


Anonymous said...

Mmmm sexy ... can't wait to hear more about this mystery woman!

Playfully Yours said...

This mystery woman has my interest. Can't wait for the next part.

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