Friday, August 14, 2009

Stripper Reflections

I close my eyes and find myself on stage, under the spotlights again.

Twisting, twirling every eye on my body as I slither around the pole, commanding the attention of any and all how come into my presence. Full of confidence, I fear nothing, free to let all of my insecurities fade into nothing.

My long, thick, blond, hair swirls through the air, as I spin my head. It cascades down my muscular back and settles, coming to rest just at the top of my ass.My hair is much like my legs, long, thick, and never ending… I love the tickling feel it creates, as it grazes across my skin. I love to watch the glitter dance from the light, as it kisses each strand.

The mirrored walls show the reflections of faces behind me, faces marked with admiration, as I turn or twist into some new position, my body moving perfectly with the beat of the music. I am so confident standing there, naked and exposed to the world. They eat from the palm of my hand, all of them. There is nothing, I can not get from them, If I so choose.

The masses line the stage, each hoping to catch my attention with fistfuls of money. I flow effortlessly across the stage, dancing for myself, not them. The music seducing my body into moving for it, beautiful fluid movements. Life pulsing through my veins as I move..

The power is intoxicating. Yet, I choose not to use it.

At that moment, I am on top of the world.


Playfully Yours said...

Oh, I really liked that. Very seductive...way to use your assets.

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