Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Villianous Mischief

Wicked, wanton women tempt my being
Shake my core and rattle me to the bone
How I long to find myself at the mercy of a raven beauty
Giving myself to her whims and inclinations
Feeling her hands grasp my long hair
as my nails dig into her soft flesh
hear the obscenities fall from her beautiful lips
As I satisfy her urges.

I am overtaken with villainous mischief


Gray said...

Mmmmmmm sounds delightful!;)

Luna Mauvaise said...

There's a little wicked in us all.

Anonymous said...

So erotic!!


finbar said...

love the line "I am overtaken with villainous mischief". very erotic piece of writing. nice economy of words to capture the scene. in less than 75words you were able to pull me completely into your 'villainous mischief " .

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