Friday, August 21, 2009

What is your name?

I did not see her, when she walked into the crowd. I did not see her, as she starred at me from across the room. I did however feel the electricity from her touch, as her fingers trailed down my spine. I drank in her scent, as I felt her body draw near, her breath warm as it touched my goose flesh. All of my senses seemed to heighten around her. The energy pulsed through my body, making me shiver.

Who was she? Where had she come from? My eyes never quit searching for her, my mind oblivious to anything other than her. I am captured by nothing more than a transitory touch from a stranger. My body responded to her sensual touch, a chemical reaction. My head felt light, the room seemed to spin and swirl around me. Everything seemed to fade away as the darkness settled around me.

Then she appeared again, never saying a word. She just grabbed my hand and guided me away from the vultures. I was wrapped in a mysterious, magical cocoon of wonderment as she looked into my eyes. Her gaze telling me, what I already knew she wanted from me. My body giving me away, unable to hide my answer, I quit trying. I was hers for the taking and she knew it.

I never knew a woman could be so powerful and hungry. Her fingers dug into my flesh, as she pushed me backwards, covering me with her mouth, with her body. The intoxication was overwhelming and sent me into violent fits that rocked my entire body. Her arms tried to hold down my legs, so that she may continue to work between them, but it was useless as they became rigid from my orgasms.

Lights erupted like fireworks, then came the black splotching out the conscience. Cool kisses softly placed on my brow begin to calm me, bringing me back. Vision still unable to focus, staring through the blur, searching.. Lips forming the question…



Gray said...

Yum!! This is so intense and definitely sounds like fun!!:)

Luna Mauvaise said...

What's in a name?

Better maybe, that she remain merely another illusionist.

Playfully Yours said...

Is a name really that important when they can touch you as such and you become on fire with desire?

rage said...

I don't know about the name, but the blog was hot!

Nice, very nice.

finbar said...

sometimes the most erotic of encounters are the totally anonymous ones.
very much enjoyed your erotic encounter.


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